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Big Medical Auctions Specializes in Medical Equipment

Our Knowledge and Buyer Network Provides a Proven Sales Channel for Returning Maximum Value for Your Idle Assets.  We have the Facilities to Immediately Remove Your Idle Medical Equipment and Devices and Prepare them for Sale to Awaiting Buyers Around the World.

Our Selling Partners Include: Hospitals, Professional Medical Facilities, Medical Schools, Medical Equipment Dealers, Manufacturers and Medical Equipment Distributors Nationwide.  Call Us Today to Discuss Your Needs and How we May Assist in Professionally Selling Your Idle Assets to Our Global Marketplace.

For Information on Selling Your Surplus Medical Equipment from Your Facility,

Please Call 888-350-9992 or Email us at:

Services Offered:

  • Medical Device Manufacturer OEM Demo Equipment Redistribution

  • Consignment Sale at Auction (Items Transferred to Our Auction House)

  • Outright Purchase of Complete Inventory

  • Medical Equipment De-installation, Removal and Relocation to Auction House

  • On-Site Auctions (Hospital and Surgery Centers)

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